Saddle stitching to finish your colour copying

Saddle Stitching

Wiro bound books

Wiro Binding

Perfect bound books

Perfect Binding


If you wish we can simply staple sheets in the corner for you but there are other - often better - ways of binding your colour copying.

It is often simpler - and costs less - to print your colour copies double sided and arrange them in order so that we can staple them into a booklet (saddle stitching) which is done by machine and can be quicker than corner stitching.

We also offer slide binders - a slip on plastic spine binding which can easily be removed later if you want to add more sheets or split the document up for further colour copying later.

For a lie flat finish we suggest you consider wiro binding - you might think of it as spiral but is isn't!

If quantities begin to move up we also offer perfect binding - paperback books.