Colour copying - better as print from a file

Make your colour copies direct from a file - a better quality result

Printing from Files and Colour Copying

A better colour copying result for the same price

For the best results, the clearest images and the sharpest colour copying we prefer to print from a file - that might be Acrobat (pdf), Word, Publisher, InDesign or Quark. Printing from disc means you get a much better quality of colour copying as each copy is first generation and hasn't deteriorated.

If we print from your file another benefit is that - if you want us to - we can keep your file so that we can quickly provide a re-print at some point in the future without any fuss.

You can e-mail files to us to print from or send them using a service like if they are large (- over 5Mb)

We accept CDs, memory stick and other ways of getting the file to us too!